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Many Suri people still following the traditonal living ways in our homeland, some of our photos about body painting, scarification, Cattle Camp and Dongga stick fighting may containing NUDITY scence, and will as the “CENSORED MATERIAL” in some “CIVILIZATION WORLD’s STANDARD”. We are DEEPLY SORRY for the discomfort or offense to some visitors caused by our Suri traditional living ways, but that’s the REAL LIFE of Suri that still existing and happening daily in our homeland since our ancestors lived here. We hope the outside world can give a little respect to our traditions that we proud for it (And PLEASE DO NOT BLOCKED OUR WEBSITE),  we will keeping those photos as our historial records for the future generations of Suri.


Most of the photos on this page are taking by Suri our own, All rights reserved to the photographer and Suri people. Suri people do not have camera yet, we are photographing with our mobile-phone, our image quality and skill level are unable to matching the standard of the professional photographer with DSLR, but we can show your 100% pure Suri unlike those acting for photographer’s Suri…

15 Oct 2018  Our beautiful homeland – Bashagi  by Barkaman Geleway

Nov 2018  “Ladies from Kibish / Sedheya Negisi” by Barkaman Geleway

2016 – Suri Kachipo wedding ceremony in Mewun by Santino Nyurli

2016 – Suri Kachipo in Mewun payam, Boma, South Sudan by Santino Nyurli Oleqiwo