Let’s Keep COVID-19 Away!

by Saro Suri – 16 March, 2020

Saro, Dear Friends and Guests:

Due to the ongoing mass outbreak of COVID-19 virus around the world, and the medical care situation of the local communities in our homeland, we are sincerely urging all of our dear friends and guests, especially those friends and guests from the affected countries and regions, just slowing down your steps, hold on your travel plans and postpone your trips to Africa.

The War against COVID-19 Virus, need the fully cooperation from every members of the World Communities, please temporary stay still at home, postpone the international travel to prevent the spreading of the Virus!!! Please help us to keep the COVID-19 Virus away from Suri, Mursi and all the other communities in our homeland, away from Ethiopia and South Sudan, and away from our Mama Africa!

The amazing landscape and our kindness people can wait, please don’t let us down…

Best regards,

Saro Suri

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