Medic Support is Needed – Rabies

by Barkaman Geleway – 4 Jan 2020

Each year, About 30 of people are infected with rabies in Suri Ethiopia and an estimated 2-5 people die—one of the highest rabies death rates in the world– but the true number of deaths caused by rabies is unknown because the disease is underreported and rabies diagnostic laboratories are not established. Furthermore, few places in Ethiopia offer life-saving human rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and most people don’t have the means to make it to a major hospital to get treated.

In addition, people’s awareness about what to do if bitten by dogs is low, and people often do not seek medical help when bitten.

The human risk for rabies is directly linked to the high rate in dogs, which is why it is important to hit the disease at its core – vaccinating dogs.

However, like many other countries with high human rabies death rate, the rabies vaccination coverage among dogs is very low in Suri Ethiopia.
Suri Kibish Healthcare need to improve this
As urgent

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