[FOCUS] “He has been waiting for…” by Jianqiang Chen

REPOST from Chinese famous photographer Mr. Jianqiang Chen 陈建强‘s social media WeChat/Weixin 微信 – January 2019

On Mr. Chen’s WeChat, he mentions:

“陪伴是最长情的表白 (I will always be here and love you…)

在非洲摩西唇盘部落里 (In the Mursi* lip-plate tribe of Africa),由于没有医疗条件 (due to no medical conditions),奄奄一息的部落男人已经等死半年多了 (the dying man has been waiting for more than half a year)。

村里的人告诉我们,他快死了… (The people in the village told us that he is dying…)

于是我来到了现场,拍下了这一刻!(So I came to the scene and took this moment)”

© Jianqiang Chen 陈建强 2019

At the same time, Mr.Chen’s friend, another Chinese famous photographer Mr. Kaiwen Yang 杨开文 also took a photo for them…

© Kaiwen Yang 杨开文 2019

This is the sadness fact in remote area of Africa…and what we wanna change for our community in Ethiopia and South Sudan.

*: We have confirmed those sadness photos are from Suri community, the photographer may confused Suri and Mursi sharing together with the same lip-plate tradition.

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