Togetherness beyond the border line – We are Suri as One

by Samson Ngakule – 7 JUNE 2019 ( UPDATE: 9 JUNE 2019 by Santino Nyurli )

Donga stick fight in Majis Ethiopia yesterday (6 June 2019) between Suri-Kachipo of South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Suri Youths of Ethiopia welcoming their brothers with Donga as sign of togetherness.

Let’s remember this day, the first Donga beyond border line of Ethiopia and South Sudan in our history! East Suri & West Suri, We are Suri as One!

UPDATE: The Donga of West & East Suri end peacefully for two consecutive days, and the game won by West Suri with the points 17 – 5, and going to have another Donga soon after cultivation season…

All photos by Samson Ngakule 2019

One Culture, One Suri

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