Call of Duty – S.A.R.O for better future

We invited Suri Association for Research & Optimization S.A.R.O

The Suri association for research optimization (S.A.R.O) is Non -partisanand Non -governmental NGO formed by SURI intellectuals in order to build the capacity of the minority communities starting from SURI and the rest of citizens in ETHIOPIA. S.A.R.O is organization that is committed to create an environment that will ensure the realization of our people needs, talents and abilities,strength, resources and opportunities for the communities’ empowerment and sustainable development. We are motivated to set up and organized body to provide capacity building of the communities through community development initiatives skills and self-help groups, women group and youth initiativesin the rural areas of Ethiopia. S.A.R.O is committed to working hard towards attainment of food secure society through food production within and amongs tour communities. Acknowledging that our participation through unified, single organization and realizing the needs of our societies can be achieved and realized through the formation of an organization Found By : Barkaman Geleway

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