[FOCUS] My Tribal Muses -The Avant Garde of The Tribal World by Biljana Jurukovski

We, The Suri people are on the Award list again…

This time Biljana Jurukovski’s “My Tribal Muses -The Avant Garde of The Tribal World” received Bronze Medal on the Moscow International Foto Awards 2019.

Congratulations to Biljana Jurukovski and Suri community!


  • Prizes Bronze in People/Portrait
  • Photographer Biljana Jurukovski

My Tribal Muses’ series is a collection of intimate portraits of the beautiful Surma tribal girls. They were intentionally photographed against black backdrop, so the focus can be on the beauty and artistic skills. Surma tribe reside on the border between Ethiopia and South Sudan and one can claim that Surma are one of the most iconic tribes in Ethiopia. They still remain isolated, untouched by foreigners due to the location, lack of amenities and due to tribal conflicts. What makes them so iconic it is their imagination and artistic skills when it comes to beautification and decorating.

Biljana Jurukovski (42) is a Macedonian Australian Award Winning Photographer who has always been inspired and amazed by the diverse and beautiful expressions of different cultures. Biljana’s art is a culmination of her passion, love, and respect for other cultures and traditions; her art depicts a graceful world where strength and pride are engraved on the faces of the people photographed. Biljana considers herself an explorer and adventurer with a great passion for photography. Biljana sees photography as a medium for communication between people…

All photos by Biljana Jurukovsk

We are proud We are Suri

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