SHOCKING NEWS: Cold Blood Attacks on Innocent People again just before the Ethiopian Christmas Day! (Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

from ETHIOPIA and SOUTH SUDAN – 5 JAN 2019 (Update 11 JAN 2019)

UPDATE -11 JAN 2019: At this moment, there is still NO WAY between Dimma and Suri Kibish because the big fighting still take place seriously in Suri and Dizi communities.

According to the Article 539 – Aggravated Homicide of THE CRIMINAL CODE OF THE FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA, the punishable with rigorous imprisonment for life, or death.

A cold blood and cowardly attacks on the innocent people happen on the road from Dimma to Kibish at 15:00-15:45 today, some unknown armed gangsters ambushed a Isuzu truck that taking Suri people back to their home for the incoming Christmas holiday. Our news sources said at least 17 people been killed, and many people flee into the bush during the attacks.

The full details of the casualties are still awaiting accurate calculations and further confirmation…

At the same time, the violent attacking to the Suri-Kachipo community still continuing in Mewun, Boma State in South Sudan. Julius Churtan, 17 years old student and a 67 years old man (the name is unknown yet) has been killed in the new year 2019.

We demanding JUSTICE!

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