[The Path of Education] 01 – The story of Barsuni

“The Path of Education” is a series stories about the Suri youths whom chasing the education and knowledge,  now let’s beginning our first story…


NAME: Barsuni Olerege Ngakurel
AGE: probably 22, because the Suri community before 1990 G.C* (1997 C.E) doesn’t know what is calendar.


Barsuni ( in 2004 G.C / 2011 C.E)

Here is about myself in short,
now I am 2nd year university student of Unity University in Addis Ababa. I hope you know that we are pastoral (cattle herdsman) community, from the beginning I have had not planned that I were going to school even until university level.

I was took it by my brother whom I were played with, looking after cow and goats with, who now aren’t joined any college or university. I was started my school when probably, I am 8 in 1997 G.C (2004 C.E) in Tulge(Yesu) Primary School after Revolutionary Government (Woyane) took power (in 1984 G.C / 1991 C.E). so that, Those students whose I called brothers were started school with are facing allot of challenges same I do while we used resident in government boarder school in town called Mizan Teferi which is 190 km (256.5 miles) far away from our main homeland. Even, now our littles brothers and sisters are do the same because they don’t have options where to get quality education in their age of school like other children do in other part of world.

However, few of us joining college’s and university, but others in the same way are giving up and running away in order to get food, clothes, shoes ,and other level of education most of them now are working in woreda offices as cabinet in the case, of shortage of professionals labour power in woreda. Some time when I remembered this time the tears are falling from my eyes, it been long journey when I think back about starting time, we have had crazy and stupidity way of living. I like to thank God for let me know him well when other are foe for other humanity. Maybe, I never forget in my life ever more time.


*: G.C – Gregorian Calendar, the principal calendar used in Ethiopia.

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