[SURI NEWS] Prime Minister Dr.Abiy Ahmed visit Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory No.3 in Suri woreda

14/10/2018  Kibish SNNPR, Ethiopia


During the inauguration ceremony.   PHOTO: FANA

Prime Minister Dr.Abiy Ahmed, former Ethiopian Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegne, Muferiat Kamil (Speaker of house of representative) and Eritrean President Isayas Ageworki visit Omo Kuraz Sugar Factory No. 3  for the inauguration ceremony.


Standing together! For the greater future!

Omo Kuraz sugar factory No.3 located in Suri woreda, Bench and Maji zone, in Southern Ethiopia. Over 8 billion Ethiopian birr is reportedly spent to complete the project. This factory which is to become the 8th operational sugar factory in the country is financed by loan secured from Chinese Bank and completion of it took three years. The factory has the potential to produce up to 10,000 quintals of sugar a day. Government is undertaking irrigation project over river Omo to cultivate sugar cane on 100,000 hectars of land which is expected to supply the factories with raw material.

PHOTO: Matthew Barkedhe

The factory opened job opportunity to thousands of people and the main force is mostly young people. We are so happy that Suri community can joining the developing progress of our country, to MAKING ETHIOPIA GREATER!

PHOTO: Matthew Barkedhe


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