[SURI NEWS] OLEA SURI Team attending Football Games 2018 of Suri woreda

by Barkaman Geleway and Barsagine Uya, Kibish SNNPR ETHIOPIA, Saro Suri report

The Football Games 2018 of Suri woreda started in Kibish yesterday (1st September, 2018). As we mention before, OLEA SURI Team (OST) jointed the game and will facing another 3 teams which are: Ethiopia Military Team (EMT), Student Team (ST) and Kibish Public Service Team (KPS). The opening the first game is between OLEA SURI and Kibish Public Service, both sides of the match are fully committed to the game, at the end of the match, OST and KPS are in a darw for 2 : 2

As the schedule list, the second game EMT vs ST will starting today. Viva Football! We Love Football! Suri not only Donga fighter but also Football player!

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