The first 30 days of

Today is 15 June, 2018, it’s the first 30 days of our new home for “Saro Suri”.

Earlier this year, we set up “Saro Suri” on a website hosting service provider J×××o (we hiding the full name of those company). But in the morning of May 14, our site was suddenly “be off-line” without any notice, we send about 5 E-mails to the support team of those provider in 48 hours after off-line and want to know what happen, but till today there are still zero responds give back to us, nobody tell us what’s going on, perhaps we are just from the remote area of Africa…


After the shocking wave of “be off-line”, we decided to rebuild our website on another place, then we chosen wordpress and got the domain name “” for our new site. Today is runing for 30 days, we hope our “erro” can successfully reached the next 30 days, 365 days and keep growing up.


NOTE: “erro”,  Suri word, mean “Children”

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