Why we plan Education for Suri children?


Why “Saro Suri” plan Education for Suri children?
We believe that at the heart of any education system are teachers and schools, and as we as “Saro Suri” we plan to work directly with them and operate within the school system. Our relationships with teachers and school administrators helps us to build support for the changes that need to take place in schools in order for quality education to be accessible for all in the future. This makes us ideally placed to support the concrete changes necessary if Suri omo valley Ethiopia schools are to provide quality, learner-centred education to all children in our community.
It is my privileges if we can figure out this children to give something in future.
Supplementary feeding for school going children: Saro Suri Educational Platform and Support considers that provision of school feeding support is also a strategy that help school going children to remain in their schooling than dropping out due to shortage of food thereby contributes the smooth transition of children who attends ECCD program the formal primary schools.
Plan to raise funds for this children for feeding program..

Support SaroSuri, Support Suri children.

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