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Rainbow after the storm

“SaroSuri”, From Suri, For Suri. We are the young generations of Suri, we have a responsibility to do more and more meaningful things for our community, we are working for the better future of Suri and never give up. “SaroSuri”is the windows of Suri. We inviting the friends around the world come to visit our beautiful homeland.

This is our new site with our own domain name “sarosuri”, 2 years after we planning  a website for Suri, and after our first site offline without any reasons on May 14, 2018, we set up a new home for “SaroSuri” again. We are building a new SaroSuri, it will bring most parts of SaroSuri version 1.09 back online again, the SaroSuri v2.0 is coming…

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