“Saro!” Hello from Suri in Ethiopia & South Sudan


Come and Enjoy the wonderful trips with Saro Suri!

“Saro Suri”  “Saro” mean “Hello” in our mother-language,

 “Suri” is the name we call ourselves,

We are from Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region, ETHIOPIA & Boma state, SOUTH SUDAN





Travelling with Saro Suri:  Travelling to omo valley Ethiopia and Boma mountains South Sudan also means to return to the origin of humankind. With much care we have designed a choice of fantastic tours for you. These round trips can be individually adjusted as per your personal wishes.

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Our Services
We are Saro Suri Team Tour Operator and offer
_individuals tours
_set 10 day package tours
_individually planned tours
Theme tour
_cattle camp life
_photography tours

Volunteers service Support
_educational support for children in each schools
_Health support in each clinic ( Tulgit, Kibish…)
wide range of tailor-made Omo valley Ethiopia & Boma mountains South Sudan cultural and historic tours, cultural conservation, cattle camp life and trips, Gold Mining – and trekking, and family-friendly tours. You may be assured that your holiday with us will be an experience of a lifetime.

Our Goal
Our trips are designed to offer you an exciting glimpse behind the curtain of Omo valley Ethiopia & Boma mountains South Sudan, experiencing history firsthand, observing the splendid diversity of the natural and animal world from a front-row seat, while gaining an insight into the lives of local people.
Our goal is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them every day that you are with us. Book with us make your Holiday dreams come true with unforgettable experience with Saro Suri Team.